Memorial Prayer Garden

One of the objectives of the Foundation is to build a Prayer Garden. The Garden will be located on the Saint John Francis Regis Church property in the area between the church and Melancon Funeral Home in the Arnaudville.  These are the grounds of Nonco's church parish where he worshiped.

The Memorial Prayer Garden will benefit participants of all ages--whether residents of Arnaudville or visitors to the area. Perhaps in the future, the Foundation will sponsor programs and lectures in the garden. 

Jerry Richard, whose father was Lawrence Richard, a farmer in the Arnaudville area, is very excited about the planning and the planting of the Memorial Prayer Garden. The Foundation is grateful to Reverend Father Keenan Brown, Pastor of Saint John Francis Regis Church, for his support.

As planning progressed and work started on the Garden, it was determined that there was a major drainage problem in the exact area where the planting was to take place.  A parishioner and great nephew of Nonco, Willie Wyble, volunteered to do the drainage repair work, tree trimming and maintenance of the church grounds.  The Foundation is grateful to Willie for his devotion.
Of course,we need your help. Should you be interested in serving on the Memorial Prayer Garden Committee, please contact us.

Or, make a donation in memory of a loved one, in honor of a family or a business.

Ditch Diggers:  L-R - Jerry Richard, Ashton Richard, Charles Hardy, Erwin Thibodeaux, and Charles Taylor.  Work is progressing on the Memorial Prayer Garden at St. John Francis Regis Church.

Jerry Richard, Chairman
Henry Charles Taylor
Rod Roy
Willie Wyble
Charles Hardy
Erwin Thibodeaux
W. Derek Meche


The Foundation is grateful to our Corporate Sponsors. 
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First Flower Donation
for the
Memorial Prayer Garden!

Thank you, Lillian Richard!
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