Altar Servers

Here is a 1953 photograph of Larry and Mel Moran who were Altar Servers at St. John Francis Regis Catholic Church, Arrnaudville, Louisiana, assisting Monsignor Daniel L. Bernard, Pastor.

Mel writes:  "In Nomeni Patri, et Fili, et Spiritus Sancti. (Please respond with 'Amen.')

Larry writes:  "This may very well be the morning when Mel, walking beside me on my right as I carried the cross in a burial procession to the cemetery, projectile vomited what appeared to be French Dressing to his right in one lightening-quick, explosive 2 seconds upheaval, and then kept walking forward as though nothing happened!! We all never broke stride. Father Bernard merely shook his head and kept reciting his ceremonial readings while I struggled to keep from laughing out loud."

Thank you, Larry, for the memories. Such are the stories of Altar Servers past.  We thank you and Mel for your service and devotion to your church.

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