St. John Francis Regis Catholic Church

Painting by Arnaudville Artist Vincent Darby
Cover of the 1999 Church Directory

Search the painting for the old
St. John Francis Regis Catholic Church building (1872-1948), and the faces of Monsignor Daniel L. Bernard, Sister Mary of Theophlis (Celine Noel)
and Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue.

The Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue Foundation is grateful to
 Vincent Darby and Rose Broussard
for their assistance and their faithful support in the process of beatification and canonization of
Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue. The picture of Nonco on the Home page is also from
Vincent Darby and Rose Broussard.

Thank you!

And, the story begins...

This story was excerpted from ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF THE UPPER TECHE, Arnaudville, Louisiana, Bicentennial Edition, 1853-1976, page 5.

The Church

Read about the Priests who came to serve the Arnaudville area.

  • In the previous section, the beginning of St. John Francis Regis Catholic Church is given. This section lists the many priests who have served the church parish. A Special "Thank You" to the Diocese of Lafayette and Candy Brunet, Associate Archivist, for this information.
Priests Who Served
  • Read about Monsignor Justin Maurice Louis Canon Massebiau J.C.D. who served as Pastor of Saint John Francis Regis Church from 1934 to 1944.  Monsignor Massebiau impacted both Monsignor Daniel Lucas Bernard and Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue and the whole church parish.
  • Read about Monsignor Daniel Lucas Bernard who served as Pastor of Saint John Francis Regis Church from 1938 to 1968.
  • Read about the Priests, a Brother and a Deacon -- All from our little community of Arnaudville.
Altar Servers
  • Thanks to those devoted Altar Servers who take the time to assist the priests during worship.This section is a collection of pictures of Altar Servers who play an important part in every church parish.  Learn more about the Altar Servers of Saint John Francis Regis Catholic Church.
  • Please submit any pictures that you may have.  We will scan your pictures and return them to you.
  • Nonco was a layman whoassisted the priest at Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days when he was needed.  This was stated by Father Bernard in the application he filed for Nonco to receive the Papal Decree. Click on the following link to read the application.

  Day of Recollection for a Group of Men, May 16, 1954
Left is Msgr. Daniel L. Bernard.  Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue is fourth from left, bottom row
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  Read about our patron saint, Saint John Francis Regis, also known as Saint Jean Francois Regis, the patron saint of lacemakers.
Saint John Francis Regis
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