Marianite Sisters of the Holy Cross & Lay Teachers

The Little Flower Convent
Built in 1947

The Home has five cells, Community Room, Parlor, Dining Room, Kitchen and  a Chapel.

The Convent is presently used as
The Adoration Chapel
There is high praise in the area for the Marianites of the Holy Cross. They changed Arnaudville and everyone is grateful for their presence among us.

In September, 1947, the Marianites of the Holy Cross opened the Little Flower School. Little Flower has operated previously and had closed in 1919 according to One Hundred Years of the Upper Teche, Arnaudville, Louisiana , page 117. The article states in part:  "From 1953 on, the life of the community of Arnaudville, Leonville and Cecilia, definitely was and still is affected by the influence shed by that Haven of Catholicity: Little Flower School."

The Marianites of Holy Cross resumed their responsibilities and Catholic Influence. Under the leadership of the First Principal, Sister Mary Isabelle Daigre the school prospered thru the years. The Principals to follow her were: Sister Ursula, Sister Bernadette, Sister Euphemia, Sister Lucien, Sister Flavia, Sister Ruth Martinez, and in 1976, the principal was a native of Arnaudville, Sister Daniel Betty Guidry.

"The Sisters who served thru the years were: Sister Pierre, Sister Eulalia, Sister Seraphia, Sister Theophilus, Sister Euphrasia, Sister Alfred Hardy, Sister Amelie (who was also Organist), Sister Jules, Sister Faustina, Sister Albina, Sister Jeanne Marie Fontenot, Sister Fidelis, Sister Julien, Sister Mary Felicitas, Sister Mona, Sister Dolorita, Sister Anselm, Sister Gayle Marie, Sister Ruth Mary Martinez, Sister Pauline Saadi.

"The Lay persons who came to the aid of the diminishing Sisters as teachers were: Mrs. Myers, Mr. Doak Meche, Miss Judy Perrodin, Mrs. D. J. Leblanc, Mrs. Lynn Dubois, Mrs. Elaine Artigue, Miss Jeanette Stelly, Mrs. Claude Carriere, Mrs. Speyrer, Mrs. Vickie Guidry, Mrs. Ray Reed, Mr. Ted Fruge, Mrs. Barbara Patin, Mrs. Ivy Lou Morrow Durio, Mrs. Ava Richard, Mr. Mark Guidry, Mrs. Shannon Bernard Willis, Mrs. Jeanne Landry, Mrs. Jewel Kidder, Mrs. Maude D. Marks, who substituted for Sister Amelie while Sister Bernadette served as principal, Mrs. Melba Darby Braquet and, of course, our dear Nonco. Mrs. Louise Rabalais and Mr. Ray Sturgis both served as principals."

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Thank you to Clarence "C.J." and Florine Bourque Robin for being the first to send in pictures.

1952-1953 Faculty of Little Flower School

(Top, left to right):  Sister Mary of Saint Theophilus, Sister Mary of Saint Isabelle (Superior), Sister Mary of Saint Alfred, Nonco Niece, (Bottom row):  Sister Mary of Saint Seraphia, Sister Mary of Saint Lucien

From: ONE HUNDRED YEARS of the UPPER TECHE, Arnaudville, Louisiana, page 85 and
ACADIANA CATHOLIC, Volume 27 #9, September 2011.
From ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF THE UPPER TECHE, Arnaudvile, Louisiana, page 100

Sister Angela, Bernice DeSmidt
Sister Andrew, Laurence Domec
Sister Agatha, Lenie DeKerlegand
Sister Theophilus, Celine Noel
Sister Collette, Eleanore DeKerlegand
Sister Alfred, Rita Hardy
Sister Leonide, Lucy Durio
Sister Louis, Vivian DeKerlegand
Sister Celine, Regina Noel
Sister Alfred, Bernadette Guidroz
Sister Angelo, Carmelite Melancon
Sister Benedict, Beulah Simpson
Sister Martina, Susanne Green
Sister Daniel, Betty Guidry

From ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF THE UPPER TECHE, Arnaudville, Louisiana, page 100.

Teachers of Little Flower School

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