Altar Society

The Altar Society has been around for a long time and has experienced changes over the years.  It was The Ladies Altar Society but now, it is simply the "Altar Society."  Men and women come together to do whatever needs to be done to make our church a great place to worship.  Call the church to learn how you can become a member.  You are sure to enjoy the fellowship and accomplishing tasks just because you love God and want to serve.
Over the years, some individuals have worked really hard in the church parish and in the Altar Society. Maud Olivier Courville is one such individual.  Her daughter, Kathy, wrote the following essay about her mother's devotion.  The Nonco Foundation is grateful to have these words to share with you.  Like Nonco, Maud is a great example to all.

"Mama was a "behind the scenes" person.   She devoted a lot of time to her family, her community, and her church  (a true servant of Christ). 

After her retirement, she gave a lot of her time to the church performing many, many duties - even people with the church didn't know all that she did.  They are realizing now when something doesn't get done: "Oh, that's something Maud did."  Thanks to God, others have come forward and are willing to help the church just as she did.  She never did want recognition for what she was doing for the church, the community, and her family.   She did it all for her love of Christ and continued to do it because of her faith in him. 

Mama was always a "down to earth" person and was willing to help anyone in need.   She had many friends  (she was even called Aunt Maud by the Carmelite Nuns - she prepared many wonderful meals for them) of all ages and races.   She had a way of helping people see that they were a special individual.

If anyone is interested in honoring her, she would be happy to know that more people are willing to do more for their church, their community, and their family - and to do it for the love of Christ and not for praise.

She has left huge holes in the hearts of our family members  (holes that are healing), but we still have her backing and love.   We feel that she is in a much better place to help us.  She keeps showing us the way and having the courage to do things, but most of all showing us to trust in Christ.

Many times when things happened  (like when she found out that she had brain tumors) her response was: "It's all up to him!"  It would make her very happy if we all trusted and believed: "It's all up to him! "

Ann Maud Olivier Courville
10-22-1937 - 12-19-2015
The following is a page from the 1977-78 Saint John Francis Regis Church Directory.  Father P. Austin Leger was the pastor.
Images taken from the 1978 Church Directory.
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