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Essays & Testimonials

By Nonco Foundation Archives 04 Aug, 2017

Our thoughts and prayers continue in the truly deserved Sainthood for Nonco.

I remember him at church in the morning during the week and on Sunday. I always remember him in a suit. He would pass out Sacred Heart leaflets before mass and after. He also delivered leaflets to our house......that was a long walk from his house to mine.

Hot are cold weather sported the black suit. I remember the plays my twin brother and I participated in at the Little Flower Auditorium on that scary stage. That was just me, the shy person I was. LOL



By Nonco Foundation Archives 21 Dec, 2016
Congratulations to everyone who put together “The Nonco Story.” It is very professional.

The artwork by Vincent Darby is absolutely beautiful. The way he depicted Nonco’s little house is just the way I remember it as a child. It really brought back memories.

I remember standing on that front porch with my brothers and mother as we visited Nonco one day after hearing he had a puppy he wanted to adopt out to a good home. We were thrilled when he agreed to let us have the puppy. It became our beloved family dog for many, many years! Who could possibly go wrong with a family dog given by Nonco! That was the memory that flashed in my mind when I saw Mr. Darby’s artwork in the video.

Raphael “Ray” LaPorte
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Favors Received

August 15, 2012
Vickie Smith Ganucheau emailed: "Thank You for putting the 2 requests on the list. I feel certain the special intention helped and saved my son's life. Just minutes ago, I found out Paul was in a terrible accident, flipped his car 3 times, had to break the windshield to get out and only had cuts and bruises. Car is totaled. He is in need of lots of prayer the way his life is going. Thanks again, Vickie Smith Ganucheau.
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