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Essays & Testimonials

By Nonco Foundation Archives 05 Nov, 2017
Via Facebook, Raymond Clause, sent the following about "Nonco."  Thank you, Raymond!

"I lived close to his house.  He spent his life for Jesus Christ and Catholic Church in Arnaudville.  I can't began to tell you all the good things he did. It's an honor for me to have known him. 

He taught me religion and most of the kids in my age group.

I know he has a place in heaven.  May God bless him!"

By Nonco Foundation Archives 19 Oct, 2017
My mother had her 12th child on July 26, 1938.  It so happened Nonco stopped by our house that day to deliver the Sacred Heart Leaflets for the month of August.   My sister Emelie, who was 13 at the time, answered the door and told Nonco that Mama couldn't come to the door as she had had the baby that day and was in bed.  It was a little girl.  Nonco said, "Aw that's so nice.  Tell your Mother she should name the baby Margaret Mary after the Sacred Heart Apostle."  And, that is how our beautiful sister Margaret Mary got her name.   

Only God can create such beautiful stories.   
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Favors Received

August 15, 2012
Vickie Smith Ganucheau emailed: "Thank You for putting the 2 requests on the list. I feel certain the special intention helped and saved my son's life. Just minutes ago, I found out Paul was in a terrible accident, flipped his car 3 times, had to break the windshield to get out and only had cuts and bruises. Car is totaled. He is in need of lots of prayer the way his life is going. Thanks again, Vickie Smith Ganucheau.
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