Healing of the Sick

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Author Unknown
Heavenly Father, I call on You now in a special way. It is through You that I was created. Every breath I take, every morning I wake, every moment, every hour I live under Your power. Father, I ask You now to touch me with that same power. For, if You created me from nothing, You can certainly recreate me. Fill me with the healing power of Your spirit. Cast out anything that should not be in me. Mend what is broken, root out any unproductive cells. Open all blood vessels and rebuild any damaged areas. Remove all inflammation and cleanse any infection. Let the warmth of Your healing love pass through my body, To make new any unhealthy areas so that my body will function the way You created it to function. Father, please restore me to full health in mind and body so that I may serve You the rest of my life. I ask this through Christ our Lord and I thank You Lord for listening. Amen
Monsignor Robert "Bob" Angelle
Nick Dupre
Shirley Angelle Stobart
Jody Guth
Byron Brasseaux
Johnnie Knott
Terry Darbonne
Rachelle Frederick Latiolais
LeBlanc Family Members
Mike Stoute
Jerry Richard
Harvey LeBlanc
Mathilde S. Bourque
Special Intention
Richard Family
Estee Leger
Nola Miller LeBlanc
Rod Roy
Tracy Patterson
Barbara Gutierrez
Michael Latiolais
Emily Billingsley
Eleanor Grace Latiolais
Malcolm Luke Latiolais
Evangeline Kate "Eve" Latiolais
Sarah Latiolais
Sierra Ann Jean
India M. Jean
Father Floyd Calais
Bethany LeBlanc Family
Vickie Smith Ganucheau
Paul Ryan Ganucheau
Peggy Theriot Family & Friends
Special Intention (Anonymous)
People Suffering Everywhere
Chantel Lemaire
Glenda Stelly
Brandon Allemond
Phyllis Rivette
Shari Kilmer Family
The Family of Leroy Olivier
Susan Olivier Stelly
Alvin Blanchard
Jennifer Hollier
Grace W. Olivier
Coby Sonnier
Bonnie D'Arensbourg
Clement and Girley Arnaud Olivier
Jeff & Doti Stanley
The United States of America
Larry Lanclos
Lindy LeBlanc
Angelique Soileau Moore
Dolly Stutes Willis
Jeanne Latiolais
Dean and Denise Landry Elias
Julie Elias
Gage and Taylor, grandchildren of Willie Calais
Tiffany Calais
Natalie Smith and Family
Maddie Arnaud
Chester "Doc" Broussard
Sid Lanclos
Seola Arnaud Edwards
Richard Edwards
Austin Stelly
Aubrie Grace Stelly
Lucy Hardy Frederick
Evelyn A. Kidder
Murphy "J" Eusay, Jr.
Sheril M. Knott
Lucy Richard Romero
Bobby Wyble
The Chase Taylor Family
Margaret Miller
Gene Percy
Tom Freeman
Muriel Wyble
Elaine Kidder Wilson
Anna and John Hollier
Keith Wyble
Debbie Hardy LaGrange
The Taylor Family
Jennifer D. Strickland
Vida Smith Compton
Carol Nevil
Shirley Stobar
Lola Lodrigue
Carlos Colomb
L A -- All of the Family
Polly Grant
Katharine Dayan
Johnny and Rose Knott
Delores Arnaud
Irene Quebedeaux
Jude Robin
J. J. T.
Mitch Lagrange and His Family
Rose Richard Family
Margaret Arnaud Dayan
Family of Ruth Mouton Olivier
Sue Ferrell
Francis Arnaud
My Mother, Margie
Bennett Lalonde
Brandon Dean
Allen Quebedeaux
Dolly Arnaud Ferrell
Barbara Wiltz Ledet
Coby Sonnier, My Son
A.J. Olivier
Jo Ann Olivier Miller
Lucille Broussard Olivier
Jennifer Davion
Merritt Davion
Harold Landry, Jr.
James Jones
Wanda's Al
Sandra Arnaud
Anna Marcello
Lee Dalfrey
Lawrence J. Guidry
Annette Edwards Porfirio
Hung Van Nguyen
John Larry Hollier
Margaret "Peggy" Roy
Sister Doris Roy
Marsha LaMarche
Ethel Thibodeaux
Erwin Thibodeaux
Cassie Chaisson
Grace Webb Olivier
Patty Hardy Calagarie
Lily Guidry Cormier
Tracy Stoute
Frankie Frederick
Irving "Dad" Miller
Leo Lejeune, Jr.
Joey and Jennifer Landry
Paul Touchet
Geralyn Schexnailder Nunez
Patrick Guidroz
Roy Latiolais
Darlene Fruge Parsons
Mavis Arnaud Fruge
Jeff Zerangue
Walter Guilbeau
Sybil Hollier Stelly
Shirley Robin
Charles Taylor
A. J. "Joey" delaHoussaye

Jolie Claire delaHoussaye
September 23, 2016
Safe travel to specialists who will determine if surgery is necessary, and if sio, successful surgery.. Acceptance of God's Will in our lives.

Sam Penn
Lisa Fruge Ledet
Tony Broussard
Justin Broussard
Family of Alex Olivier,
Herman and Angie
Kyle Quebedeaux Family
Corinne LeBlanc Soileau
Herbert Soileau
Derek Meche's Mother
Mary and Marshall Wyble
Stephanie Granger
Leland Zerangue
Jada Alvarado
Larry and Cindy Benoit
Dolores Saal
Renee Benoit
Lacey Benoit
Kiley Benoit
Eric Duhon
Alex Alvarado
John Miller
Laurie Naquin Bajat
George "T-Boy" Guidry
George Schexnayder
Russell and Aileen Kidder
Nancy Lemaire
Shiela Romero
Crystal's Uncle Bruce
Janice Frederick Brasseaux
Lucy Hardy Frederick
Floyd Stelly
Paul Fenn
Lloyd Richard
Pat Latiolais Taylor
Geraldine Lormand
Linda Thomassee
Loretta Crouch
Suzanne Huval Stelly
Candice Morrow
Lillian Olivier
Laura Folse
Karl Barry
Tiffany Coles Pickens
Jude Thibodeaux
John Kidder
Albert Taylor
Paul LaPorte
Marvin Brown
Faye Trahan
Jackie Delaughter
Lucy LeBlanc
Laura Mistrot King and Family
Wade Richard
Christine Richard
Laura, Katrina LaGrange's Mother
Julia Hean
Katherine  Herpen
John Sutton Loomin
Faye Trahan
Helen H. Schexnayder
Jennifer Melancon
A.D. Durio
Bernice Robin Eusay
Frankie and Brooke Frederick
​Willie Wyble
Marshall Wyble
Becket Roy
Ella Duplechien
Sandra LaPorte
Mavis Arnaud Frugé
Marc  and Karen McConncell
Carol Richard
Lawrence Guidry
Paul Roy
Lucille Broussard Olivier
Laura Melancon
Jerome Collura

Please pray faithfully (ongoing) for the liberation of the people of northern Iraq from the terrible rise of ISIS terror and its extremist Islamist goals of mass conversion or death to all Christians in this region

Jane Miller
Nola Miller LeBlanc
David Knott​
Janice Robin's daughter
Grace Stelly Marks and Family
Henry Charles Taylor
Joyce Robin Stelly
Elvin Arnaud
Delores Arnaud
Marc and Karen McConncell
Mme Renée
John Wallace
Michael Johnson
Angie Montgomery
Clyde Munson
Mike Bordelon
Jason Bergeron
Priscilla Meche Lastrapes
Gloria Pellerin
Gerri Arnaud
Terry Arnaud
Rose Richard Stelly
Sheila Arnaud Lanclos
Nolan Jones
Burton Kemp Family
Carolyn Kemp
Rod and Betty Roy
Oscar and Elizabeth Chauvin Latiolais
Keith and Kade
Evelyn Latiolais
Father Austin Leger
Gary Naquin
Anne Naquin
Delores Rivette Quebedeaux
Bethany Dupuis and Baby Girl
Corrine LeBlanc Soileau
Herbert Soileau
Jamie & Rami Calais
Paxton & Brandi Calais
GiGi Cormier
Florina Tauzin Martin
Tracey Stoute
Linda Coles Taylor
Cole Cormier
Lindy LeBlanc

Parents of Sid Ortis, Scott and Lisa Ortis

Lillian Blanchard Guidry
Gerald Guidry
Baby Desautels
Armand, Aimee's Father
Leo Lejeune, Jr.
Wayne C. Coleman
Brees Ransom
 LeeAnna Angelle​
Priscilla Miller Stelly
Clarine Latiolias Flaherty
Susan Fisher
Mary Wartelle
Sandy Barras

Pee Wee Frederick
Grace Lalonde Hardy
Brad Menard:  Nonco, please pray to help Brad overcome his illness before it gets worse!
Charles and Kathy Bassett Hardy
Nonco, please ask God to heal Charles as you have so many times when you knew a neighbor or family member needed his blessings to overcome illnesses and sicknesses in our lives. Your example and your devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Blessed Mother Mary gives us hope and faith in overcoming such burdens.
We ask for your intercession and prayers!  You continue to inspire us with hope and faith! Merci Nonco! Merci!
Woodrow Arnaud
Emily Hebert
Gerry Lastrapes
James "Mickey" Lastrapes
Russell Duplechin
Ella Duplechin
Paxton Calais
Mina Marks Patin
Sylvia Stelly
Neva Marks
Sheril Knott
Representative Steve Scalise
Priscilla Stelly
Leonard and Mickey Angelle
Henry Charles Taylor
Mary Agnes Hardy Belleau
Chester "Doc" Broussard
Albert Taylor
Gary Naquin
Deacon Ken Arnaud
Floyd Stelly
Father Al Louapre
James Guidroz
Elizabeth Trahan Krof
Hazel Broussard (Mrs. Jonas) Perrin
James Menard
Shari Kilmer
Gerald and Lillian Blanchard Guidry
Nathan Zerangue
John Dupuis
Kevin Noel
Russell Duplechien
Amanda Broussard
Rene LeBlanc
Gracie Marie Zaunbrecher
Nonco, please ask God to help Miles Smith recover from
his horrible accident.
Nonco, we ask for your intersession in healing and restoring
Kelly Periou to health.
Keane Zerangue
Mavis Arnaud Frugé
Woodrow Arnaud
Debbie Gravouilla
Kenny Bourg
Kitty Stelly
Victoria Lynn
Pat Olivier
Maddie LaLonde
Lillian (Mrs. Kenneth) Olivier
Brenda Gaspard Smigura
Tom McKeever
Whitney Blanchard
Father John Gary Schexnayder
Charles Hardy
Morgan L. Courville
Kendall Mosing
Logan Scott Guidry
Linda Rodrigue Lejeune
Keith Wyble
John William Bienvenu
Alvin Olivier
Roderick Olivier
Amy Frederick Crawford
Jimmy Richard
Ashley Fuselier
Nora Savoie Frederick
Jeff Zerangue
Sybill Hollier Stelly
Jenora Courville
Justin Broussard
Ruth Robin
Lena Willingham
Carroll Knott
Roderick Olivier
Annie Vigneau
David Dalfrey
Ethan, Elaine Kidder Wilson's grandson
Girley Arnaud Olivier
Kristie Simmons
Henry Charles Taylor
Cecile "Susie" Guidroz
Harold "Mud" Sibille
Ron "Sugar" Sibille
L. J. Olivier
Father Brian Taylor
Father John Gary Schexnayder
Stephanie Benoit Breaux
Tom and Corey, Cancer Fighters!
Ajay Jammu Melwani
Delores Neal
Elrin Fuselier
Janet Fuselier Boudreaux
Elrin's son, The Late Kenneth R. Fuselier, lived in Arnaudville along with his family.  We ask God to take care of and heal Elrin and Janet, father and daughter and to watch over Lorine, Mrs. Elrin Fuselier, the mother of the family.
In Jesus Name.  Amen!
Hayden Chapman
Connie Joy David
Joanne Nolan who is a cancer patient
Anna Belle Artigue Stelly
John Douet
Jan Patin Sebastian
Sawyer Allums, Abbeville
Joan Wyble Herpin

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