In Memoriam

  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, on your own intelligence rely not   Proverbs 3:5

‚ÄčNolton and Lovinia Taylor Lavergne
Clarence and Nola Artigue Arnaud
Mack Arnaud
Allen Arnaud
Aline Arnaud Carson
Jules and Gladys LeBlanc Roy
Stephanie Schmude
Lucy Marie Stelly
Albert and Angelle Arnaud
Gusman and Elise Artigue
Richard Fruge
Melanie Stoute Richard
Al "Pyook" Berard
Jean Johnson Taylor, Member of the Nonco Foundation
Wilzie and Anna Schexnayder Taylor
Mrs. Lawrence Lanclos
Louis Olivier
Wade Hardy
Felicie "Tite" Babineaux
Wilbert and Rita LaGrange
Paul Robin Jr.
Joe and Lorena Fruge
C.D. Guilbeau
Liddy Meche
Lloyd Olivier
Laurence Marks
Gerry D. Tauzin
Robin Williams
Frank Kidder
Mrs. Hurlin "Rose" Dupre
Bunice Taylor
Ivy Quebedeaux
John and Thescilla Marks Quebedeaux
Emery Quebedeaux
Lincoln Pellerin
Ella Mae Meche
Tilus and Ophelia Angelle LeBlanc
Edward and Berthe LeBlanc Moran
Leroy Leblanc
Harris and Elena Carrier LeBlanc
Laura LaGrange Durio
Chris Douet
Helen LaGrange Stoute
Marius "Meaux" Artigue
Jan Knott Artigue
Judy Badeaux Peck
Rose Marie Badeaux Anderson
Elvin "Alvin" Arnaud
Lloyd Guidry
Allen Hebert
Carlee "Coach" Huval
Wayne Zaunbrecher
Lloyd Guidry
Allen Hebert
Emery Mallet
Alberta Touchet
Allen Guidry
Armond Darby
Theresa Belson
Anne Robin David
Burton E. Kemp
Louise Huval (Mrs. Pat Huval)
Dolores Saal
Ty Zammit

Robert Les Domingue

Deana Olivier Guilbeau

Hadley Castille
Ray Thibodeaux
Warren Latiolais
Mayor James Huval
Ida May Borne
Marion Fisette
Brant Istre
Shiela Romero's Son
Leroy Olivier
Peggy Sue Babineaux Theriot
Ricky Hebert
David Daniel Laporte
Louis Stelly
Ruth Mouton Olivier
Freddie Marks
Vivian LeBlanc
Kathy Manual
Luke Pontiff
Robert "Bobby' Hardy
John Herman Lastrapes
Rev. Father Donald Pousson
Linda Landry
Danielle Robin Chautin
Eric LaPorte
Wivis and Leola "LoLo" Arnaud
Fay Fruge Gossen
Genevieve Hardy Angelle
Member of the Nonco Foundation
Abel and Elsie Martin Hardy
Charlotte Foley
George Taylor, Member of the Nonco Foundation
Anna Paula Tauzin Lanclos
Joseph "Papa Joe" Cagnina
Loretta Taylor Calais
Leo Quebedeaux
Kenneth Kidder
Maurice and Odile Rivette LaGrange
Ronnie LaGrange
Leonard "Nookie" Martine
Ella Mae Meche
Lorena LaGrange Marks
Louis Marks
Leroy and Velma "Sis" Stelly Olivier
Walter "Black" Bourque
Member of the Nonco Foundation
Gary Cormier
Lucy Grace Robin Meche Landry
Richard Gilette
J.B. LaGrange
Garrett Minard
Nancy Olivier Lemaire
Allen and Evelyn Artigue Mistrot
Shirley Ann Mistrot Chautin
Murphy Eusay, Sr.
Linda Gail Eusay
Sid Ortis
Theobert Lavergne
Marie Orgeron
Cecily Soileau
Jeremy Marks
Matt Matherne
Aubrey Bassett
Maud Olivier Courville
Clarence "C.J." Robin
Charlie Miller
Joe Gresko
Lester Noel
Stanley Guidry
Gurley LeBlanc
J. C. Cary
Helen LaGrange Stoute
Patricia Dartez
Joe Schexnayder
Larry "P-Row-K" Stelly, Sr.
~ ~ ~
Johnny Devillier
September 2016

John Davis "Coach" Devillier was proud of his Cecilia and Cajun French heritage. Johnny loved his first language. He was fluent in more than one colorful French dialect. This Dictionary of Louisiana French is donated to Cecilia Junior High School in his memory. He was my friend.
By:  Debbie Hardy LaGrange
~ ~ ~
Kyle Quebedeaux
Emma Lou Moorey
Marvin and Dorothy "Dot" Brown
Merlin Darby
Harry Savoy
Howard "Tiny" Hardy
In Loving Memory of Numa Miller
Donald Boudreaux
~ ~ ~
Bobby LaGrange
Class of 1962, Cecilia High
~ ~ ~
 Eluse and Leurline Dugas
Vincent Darby
Member of the Nonco Foundation
Beatrice LaGrange Stelly
Elizabeth Trahan Korf
Daughter of Carlin and Faye Trahan, Memorial Donors of the Nonco Foundation
Toby "ToTo" Bassett
Marilyn Arton
Andrew Tomblom
Clay Hardy
Elsie Durio
Addis Taylor
Vivian "V V" Stelly Guidry
Wanda "Sis" Kidder Hebert
Nicholas Braud
Eugene Wyble
Camille Devillier
Sue Mason Olivier
Lester Chautin
Joseph Carol Patin
Tina Lagrange
Pearl LeBlanc Castille
Lawrence Richard, Jr.
Marie Olivier
Bernice Robin Eusay
Alvin and Velma Blanchard
Adrienne Spreyer
Mrs. Robert Schexnayder
John Parker Conrad, Sr.

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