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Skeptics have asked:  "Nonco, a saint??? The answer is:  "Yes!" 

As one member of the clergy who knew Nonco recently stated:  "What an exciting undertaking--to promote the memory of The Great Nonco.  He is certainly a saint.  No doubt." 

It is not that Nonco has to be "made" into a saint, he is already a saint!  And, so, the process begins for us.  Perhaps, with prayers and Nonco's strong spirit moving us,  we, too, will be transformed.  We thank you for your interest and ask that you join us in accomplishing the  Objectives of the Foundation.  We need your help.  We feel fortunate that we knew this wonderful example of a Christian, Nonco.

Why was Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue awarded the Papal Decree?

Father Daniel Lucas Bernard, Pastor of Saint John Francis Regis Catholic Church in Arnaudville, recognized that Nonco's heart and soul were inflamed with love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and for His Blessed Mother, Mary.  Nonco consistently reached beyond human endeavor in Christian witness, service and worship.  Quiet, humble, faithful to God and devoted to his Church, he inspired the young as well as the aged. 

Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue served at every Mass where he was needed, every day of the week when Mass was offered.  He was the most faithful of servants.  This prompted Father Bernard to nominate Nonco for Pontifical Honors. 

Click Here to read a copy of the actual Nomination which Father Bernard submitted to Bishop Jules Jeanmard, then Bishop of the Diocese of Lafayette.

Nonco served under six Popes during his ministry in the
League of Sacred Heart, Apostleship of Prayer.

Thank you to The Family of Mary Anne Olivier Meche

The Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue Foundation is grateful to Pam Meche  Angelle and her siblings for submitting the above information so that we may share in the pride the family feels for Nonco.

Nonco was the Godfather and uncle of Pam's grandmother, Lucie Hebert Olivier whose mother was Marie Pelafigue Hebert, Nonco's sister.  Click here for family information on Marie Pelafigue Hebert.  Prior to Nonco's death, he gave his Godchild, Lucie, the Papal Decree and the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal which he had received.  When she died, the items were passed on to Pam's mother, Mary Anne Olivier Meche.  On February 5, 2012, Mary Anne passed away leaving the Papal Decree and medal in her family's possession.  For more information on Nonco's family, Click Here.

Papal Decree Presentation

Records reveal that on  January 3, 1953, Most Reverend Bishop Jules B. Jeanmard, Diocese of Lafayette, requested that Reverend Father Daniel L. Bernard, Pastor of St. John Francis Regis Church complete an application for Pontifical Honors for Auguste Pelafigue.  Father Bernard wrote:

Mr. Pelafigue has organized the League of the Sacred Heart with some 1200 members and 101 promoters.  He goes out on foot to visit the fallen away, invites them to prayer of the league.  He teaches catechism to the public school children.  He teaches in the Catholic school.  All out of love of God...No pay! He organizes religious programs for the encouragement of the weak, and the edification of the strong.  He has been in this parish, another priest! He is most humble.  He attends Holy Mass and receives Holy Communion daily.  He assists at all the Masses on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.  In a word, He is a living example of the REAL CHRISTIAN...

Click here to read more about Nonco and his Papal Decree.

How Did Nonco's Devotion to the Little Flower and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus begin?

We know that he was a member of the League of the Sacred Heart of Jesus When he attended the State Normal School in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

We can only imagine Nonco's response to Monsignor Massebiau's leadership.  We do know that in 1936, the pastor of St. John Francis Regis Catholic Church, Arnaudville, reported "the League of the Sacred Heart counted more than 500" in the church parish.   In 1943, the year that Father Daniel Bernard was appointed administrator of the parish, the League of the Sacred Heart totaled 1,250 members.  Nonco was very busy at work living his life in service of God.
Several articles have been written about Nonco and the Nonco Foundation.  As new articles are published, they will be posted here. If you should have any old articles you would like posted here, we can scan and add.  Thank you!
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