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Questions we have received:

Where is Nonco buried? 

ANSWER:  Nonco is buried in the St. John Francis Regis Cemetery in Arnaudville, Louisiana.  He is in the smallest closed mausoleum in Crypt 7.

Does Nonco still have living family members in Beaucens, France?  If so, what relationship? 

ANSWER:  Please open the Essay Page.  Mrs. Genevieve Hardy Angelle, a relative of Nonco, wrote about Nonco's relatives in France.

What does "Nonco" mean? 

ANSWER:  The French name for  uncle is "Nonc."  The first syllable of "Auguste" is pronounced  "O."   Nonco informally signed his name Nonc'O; so, we assume that over the years family and friends began to refer to him as Nonco (pronounced "No Co")

Do  we know what attracted the Pelafigue Family to America and finally Arnaudville?  

ANSWER:  We do not know at this time.  We can assume that with French pastor in Arnaudville, information about the area was known in Beaucens, France.  Pastors who served in the time period according to the Diocese of Lafayette records:
Reverend Charles Denoyel, 1875 - 1894 and Reverend Jean Baptiste Morin, 1894 - 1909

Why was Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue awarded the Papal Decree? 

ANSWER:  Click Here to read more.

When did Nonco live? 

ANSWER:  Nonco was born in France on January 10, 1888.  He died on the Feast of the Sacred Heart on June 6, 1977. 
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