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Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue 
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A Life Worthy of God...

Nonco's heart and soul were inflamed with love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and for His Blessed Mother, Mary.  

He reached beyond human endeavor in Christian witness, service and worship.  Quiet, humble, faithful to God and devoted to his Church, he inspired the young as well as the aged.  

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Painted and donated by Jerry Richard
CLICK HERE for Nonco's Story written by his great niece, Mary Agnes Hardy de la Houssaye Belleau.  Her research began in preparation for a program with Father James Kubicki, National Director of the Apostleship of Prayer,  and broadcast on Radio Maria on March 22, 2014. 
CLICK HERE   to listen to the Radio Maria broadcast.

If you have any Nonco stories to share, or need any information of how you can help, please contact us.

Woman's Rosary in English

Chapelet en Français - Woman's Rosary in French



The ultimate objective of the Foundation is Beatification and Canonization of Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue.  This will require that many put their hearts and their heads together to research and document Nonco's life.  

READ MORE about this process of Beatification and Canonization


The Foundation is committed to the building of a  Memorial Prayer Garden in the Arnaudville community to provide a peaceful and contemplative place for local citizens and for visitors to become educated about the life and legacy of Nonco.

READ MORE about the plans for a Memorial Prayer Garden.


In order to meet the objectives of the Foundation, it is essential that an historical archive be built of the documents, photographs and artifacts regarding Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue , the Little Flower School, St. John Francis Regis Church and the League of the Sacred Heart.

READ MORE about the Research Committee.

Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue Foundation
P O Box 696 - 1519 Coteau Rodaire Highway - Arnaudville, LA  70512
“…lead a life worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work,
and increasing in the knowledge of God.”  Colossian 1:10 RSV

Auguste Robert "Nonco" Pelafigue
January 10, 1888 ~ June 6, 1977
Photograph donated  by
Vincent Darby and Rose Broussard

P O Box 696
1519 Coteau Rodaire Highway
Arnaudville, LA  70512
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A well-worn prayer found in one of Nonco's prayer books:

Breathe in me
O Holy Spirit
That my thoughts
may all be holy;

Act in me
O Holy Spirit
That my work, too,
may be holy;

Draw my heart
O Holy Spirit 
that I love but
what is holy;

Strengthen me
O Holy Spirit
To defend all
that is holy;

Guard me then
O Holy Spirit
That I always
May be holy;

St. Augustine
​Memorial Prayer Card of
Theresa Lormand Guidry
Great Niece of Nonco
October 16, 1938 ~ February 11, 2002