KATC TV3 - Campaign to Canonize Arnaudville Religious Figure Moves Forward

Posted: Jun 6, 2012 6:45 PM by Maddie Garrett

Arnaudville could be the hometown of a catholic saint. There's a group working to canonize a well-known religious figure that lived in the area for most of his life, Auguste Nonco Pelafigue.

"Nonco lived here when I was a little girl, he was very pious, very religious, very devoted to the Sacred Heart," said Pelafigue's great niece, Margaret Brinkhaus, as she gazes at his small home.
Margaret Brinkhaus at Nonco home
It was a modest house for a modest man, roughly a hundred years old, the house is still standing in Arnaudville. Pelafigue lived there from 1889 to 1977. He served at the St. John Francis Regis Church and taught children at the Little Flower School. But he's best remembered for his "walk" of faith.

Pelafigue was known for walking the dusty streets of Arnaudville, spreading his message of prayer and handing out pamphlets about the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He was said to be very giving and humble as he helped those in his community.

People would say that this is the kind of person that is a saint amongst us," said Jerry Richard, President of the Auguste Nonco Pelafigue Foundation.

Now, 35 years after his death, the new foundation has formed, hoping to canonize Pelafigue.

"We'll be praying to Nonco as well, it's not only what he's done in the past but what he means to the people today. He's our saint now," said Richard.

The Foundation still has long way to go. They are in the process of documenting Pelafigue's life and stories about him, as well as interventions, or miracles, he may have performed.

The Auguste Nonco Pelafigue Foundation will soon have a website up and running, and plans to build a prayer garden in his name. For more information, email apelafigue@hotmail.com.
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